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February Strategy Preview

February 4th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · Preview

February 4Sins of a Solar Empire (Ironclad/Stardock)

February 5SpaceForce Captains (Provox/JoWood), SunAge (Lighthouse/Vertex4), Culdcept Saga 360 (Namco Bandai/Omiya)

February 12XIII Century: Death or Glory (1C/Atari)

February 22Imperium Romanum (Haemimont/South Peak)

February 26Sims 2: Free Time (Maxis/EA)

The Imperium Romanum date is from Gamespot; IGN says it has an early March target. I doubt two weeks will matter much. Likewise, XIII Century‘s release schedule is pretty vague, though sometime this quarter is likely.

Sins of a Solar Empire comes out today. Buy it, because the rest of the month looks pretty bleak. Do Sims need more hobbies? Does anyone expect that XIII Century will do anything besides whet our appetites for the next Total War game?


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