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Crispy Gamer is Live

February 1st, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 9 Comments · Crispy Gamer, Media

I’m thrilled to announce that Crispy Gamer is now live and online. My first two contributions are a review of Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance and a review of Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

There are still some bugs to work out, as people try their best to break the content management system, but I hope you’ll be patient. It’s still in “beta”, so if we use the Google model, it should be done in five or six years.

Take the time to read EIC John Keefer’s “mission statement”. Lots of sites talk about independence and the firewall between editorial and advertising, and almost all these places are doing their best to keep that wall strong. But John is taking the radical step of not accepting ads for games on site. I wonder how publishers will react to this – the only promotion for their titles will be the editorial content itself.


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  • Scott R. Krol

    Is David Chapman your pseudonym, ‘cos otherwise they chuffed up the byline.

    Looking at the Best Of list it was disappointing to see no category for indie gaming.

  • The Preacher

    Yeah, that is a DB issue. Troy reviewed the Wii version, but the DS one is coming up. Added to the bug list.

  • Troy

    Actually, vice versa. I reviewed the DS version.

    From where I sit, the Wii is a fabulous creature like unicorns and leprechauns.

  • Corvus

    Nice! No game ads on the site, eh? Awesome approach. Would like to have an RSS feed, or I’ll never remember to come by, but…

    And. I . Can’t. Edit. Profile.

    Where do I send bug reports to?

  • SwiftRanger

    Being nitpicky here but Forged Alliance can be bought at the same price of a “regular” expansion in more than a few larger stores, at least here in Europe (30 euro is the addon standard price here). Also here in Europe (ahem :) ), you can buy the Gold Edition (SupCom + FA) for about 5 euro more which to me seems to be the best deal for newcomers since they can play with all races on GPGnet then (if they add both product keys to their online account). I agree that FA could have been more though (the campaign, the new tutorial and the amount of new maps all fall a bit short) but for any SupCom fan it’s a must, even if the Seraphim weren’t part of the package.

    @CrispyGamer: nice site and the “no game ads”-thing sure sounds interesting. Some small bugs here and there idd; creating a profile or skipping it gives a weird error, clicking ‘Read more’ on a contribution doesn’t link correctly, I can’t find a ‘Fry it’ or ‘Try it’ overview as well. It’s

  • SwiftRanger

    Also, Troy, your bio on the Crispy Gamer site seems a bit screwed up?

  • Vic Davis

    Ha! Armageddon Empires is on the must buy list and since I was so clever to pick a name starting with the letter “A” it’s at the very top. So who do I talk to about buying some ad space? :)

  • Andrew

    Doesn’t “no game ads” equal “almost no ads”? Good luck to them…

  • Krupo

    I was also wondering about that – what will pay the bills?