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Sins of a Solar Empire Preview

January 18th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Gameshark, Ironclad, Preview, RTS, Sci Fi, Stardock

My preview of Sins of a Solar Empire is up at Gameshark. If you haven’t been following this game, do yourself a favor and check out everything you can. Still some work to be done, but I think Ironclad and Stardock have a real shot at something special here.


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  • SwiftRanger

    Sounds intriguing, it seems to take a few cues from the Imperium Galactica games but with more focus on the battles apparently (in IG you only needed to stack more/better units to win instead of using actual tactics).

    I really hope they make the beta accessible for people who didn’t already pre-ordered it or that they will release a demo.

  • Jason

    Doubt there’ll be a non-preorder beta since the game is only a month or so away. Plus, it’d somewhat screw over the folks who bothered to preorder for the beta. But there will be a demo, most likely just after release.

  • Craig (Ironclad)

    Hey! Craig here, Creative Director for SINS. To answer your question, yes, there will be a demo but not until after release. The beta period is over, but there is a backdoor to getting the game right away if you buy tokens at TotalGaming.net
    Drop into the forum sometime if you have any more questions. Be happy to answer.