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Moments in Games Journalism

December 31st, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Media

From Jack DeVries’s IGN review of Panzer Tactics:

The German’s Axis Campaign is the easy mode, the Soviet Campaign is moderate, and the Western Allied Campaign is difficult. It’s an interesting choice to make the easy mode, and the tutorial, star the Nazis. What’s also interesting is that the developer did not opt for a politically correct, neutral portrayal. The German army is definitely evil, as shown by the contemptuous and snarky comments of fellow officers, especially compared to the more righteous, heroic comments from the other armies.

I had no idea that political correctness meant accepting the Wehrmacht as a morally neutral actor; in fact I think you are more likely to find traditionalist extolling the legend of the honorable German Army than you are a diversity advocate.

And no matter what you may have learned from Bioware, snarky is not the same as evil.

(Hat tip to Dave Long for pointing out this review, though for other reasons.)


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  • Scott R. Krol

    Aw man, you made us have to Google the review to read the whole shebang. ;)

    Strange, I never took the German officer comments as eeeevvilll. This also dovetails into one my pet peeves, the fact that Communism always gets a free pass when the Soviets were far worse than the Germans.

  • Dave Long

    Heh, it’s funny that Troy caught onto this because I was kinda like “Ok, yeah, that’s odd” when I read that part too.

    The initial reason Troy found out about the review is because I found another review on the net that reads an awful lot like this one that’s pretty clearly plagiarism.

  • Jon Shafer

    Honestly, I got the same impression as Jack, although I wouldn’t say it’s out of lack for political correctness. Some comments were clearly made to portray the Germans as the bad guys, and the Allies the good guys. I’m playing a strategy game, I don’t want to be bombarded by rhetoric – good or bad – before and after every mission so that someone can make a point.


  • Troy

    Maybe it’s just me then. I didn’t get a real sense that the Germans were the bad guys from the text, though I certainly walked in with the preconception that the Nazis are evil.

    Of course, the Germans are the aggressors in the tale, and we don’t get to play the defense of Berlin or anything ahistorical that might give the Wehrmacht the veneer of heroic defender like we have for the Soviets in their missions.

    In all, a good game, though. As De Vries writes in his review, the MP is a pain, but the DS is a fundamentally private platform, I think. You’re supposed to play it alone most of the time.