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October 25th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 5 Comments · Blogs, Indie Games

I’m waiting for my review of Armageddon Empires to be uploaded before I say any more about what is probably the most surprising game of the year. But until then, please use the interim to read developer Vic Davis’s blog. It has the usual indie developer stuff (here’s what we’re working on, here’s a patch schedule, etc.) but the real gems are the posts here and there on general game design. Why use random events? How do you balance a game where a leader becomes unstoppable?

And, one of my pet topics, counterfactuals in historical games.

He doesn’t allow comments, still you should bookmark it. Not everything on the internet is interactive, you know.


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  • Jason Lutes

    Yay for Armageddon Empires! It’s so great to see the appreciation for this great game spread. Where’s your review running? Hopefully Vic will sell enough copies to justify a sequel down the road. Or another game entirely. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever he cooks up next.

    [Edit: Oh, I just read Vic’s latest blog entry and it looks like something called “Project Brimstone” is in the wings. Sounds very cool. Dare I hope for a Bureau 13/Tännhauser theme?]

    And off-topic: Troy, what were the Civil War and Revolutionary War games you recommended most recently? There are so many of them out there that it’s hard to sift through the data and I can’t remember where I read your recommendations…

  • Troy

    The review will be running at PTDMagazine. There have been some issues that have delayed the publication of it, and it’s not very long, so once it’s run, I’ll say more. I haven’t played with any of the recent patches, though, so I should update my experience.

    The Revolutionary War and Civil War games you are probably thinking of are Birth of America and American Civil War, both from AGEod.

  • Michael A.

    Haven’t browsed Vic’s blog for a while. Good reading – not that I agree with all he has to say.

  • jonathanstrange

    Armageddon outa here! Why?: the Mutants have just assassinated my best hero and now the Empire of Man can only rely on the tactical skills of JStrange! And the luck of the draw…