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GFW Debut

September 26th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 14 Comments · CGW

My first (and hopefully not final) contribution to Games for Windows Magazine finally arrived today. With Bruce Geryk running around the country saving lives, he asked me to fill in for him for a Tom v Bruce article. So this month, it’s Tom versus Troy playing Beyond the Sword.

It’s a great honor to pinch hit for that series, by the way. It’s not only a fan favorite, but regularly one of the first things I read in GFW. This month doesn’t quite have the humorous punch that the usual TvB has, but that sort of writing rapport takes time and we just didn’t have time to build up that sort of thing.

Bruce’s wargame column shoes are being filled by Di Luo, who used to write more about games than he does now. Read the column and start some sort of write-in movement to bring him back.

Otherwise, the magazine has the usual smattering of reviews and previews and another good interview – the interviews are often what I’ll read right after TvB and Line of Attack. A letter to the editor references the still mourned CGM, which makes the inclusion of a societal feature from CGM regular Lara Crigger so appropriate.


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  • alcaras

    is there anyway to read the article online?

  • Troy

    Though many GFW reviews are printed online, the features and columns are usually for print only.

  • Scott R. Krol

    Cool beans, congratulations!

  • Taranis

    Fantastic! I’m very happy to see you get you’re foot in the door at GFW. And what a perfect game for you and Tom to play, I can’t wait to read it.

  • Krupo

    In other news, did anyone notice that Greg Vederman is stepping down from PCG-US’s E-in-C post?

    Troy – an opening! ;)

    It’s old news, but I didn’t open my new copy until yesterday. :p

  • Alan Au

    Congratulations, Troy; you’re in!

    Also, where’s the BtS patch? Anyone? Jon?

  • Darius K.

    Awesome, I do subscribe so I guess I’ll read it soon!

  • Corvus

    Brilliant! Well done, Troy.

  • Troy

    Don’t say “well done” until you read it. I got to do this because Bruce asked me and the Jeff Green junta didn’t say I couldn’t.

    Krupo: No opening at PCG since they promoted the much-more-qualified-than -me Kristen Salvatore. I’m not sure I’d make a good editor in any case.

  • Krupo

    Then “well done” on not getting vetoed. ;)

    I’ll comment on the writing itself when I see the mag. I have an Indigo bookstore giftcard burning a hole in my pocket – is this the October issue?

  • Jason

    Just got the magazine in the mail today and must say congrats on the GFW debut. But didn’t anyone tell you that it’s a good idea to…well… “let the wookie win”?

  • Alan Au

    That’s Wookiee, capital W and ‘ee’ at the end.

  • Jon Shafer

    Congrats on the win. :) Bad news for Tom that you already had the Internet to start! Now that doesn’t seem very fair. :)


  • Troy

    You want to hear something funny? I didn’t know I had it either. But I wasn’t looking to build it. The Americans start with a slight tech lead, which was great because I could buy peace with the African/Hispanic side a couple of times.