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Don’t Do This

September 11th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · RTS

The back of the World in Conflict manual has a list of hotkeys.

The cover is a mottled brown. The middle column is printed in dark blue.

And the entire thing is in five point font.

Plus that have every control group creation shortcut printed.

Create Control Group 1: Ctrl + 1
Create Control Group 2: Ctrl + 2
Create Control Group 3: Ctrl + 3

And so on until they reach Control Group 10.

If they had shortened that list, they could have used that color somewhere else and I wouldn’t be straining my aging eyes to read the blue print.


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  • Alan Au

    They could have just have done “Ctrl + [number]” but noooo, then the hotkey list wouldn’t be cryptic enough. At least they didn’t do “Recall Control Group 1: 1” and all the rest… did they?