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Empire Impressions at Gamespot

August 22nd, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · Creative Assembly, Napoleonics, Preview

Jason Ocampo has written an extended “first impressions” article on Empire: Total War. The highlights include a description of how the campaign scales in complexity as you move through it, giving you little to do and then more and then more. There will be a new engine and some new features, including garrisoning buildings and using cover.

And, ever the optimist, Ocampo has great faith in a still picture.

We were told that the game will capture naval combat like no game before it, and judging from the early screenshots released for Empire, that certainly seems the case.

Yeah, those screenshots can be really descriptive.


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  • Krupo

    New engine = desperately needed.

    Until last night’s marathon opening session of Bioshock, I would’ve called “cutscene” on those screenshots. No longer. Ooooh.

    gamespot has ID’s the first E:TW sequel as being the Napoleonic wars… heh.

    I don’t see (beyond the obvious) why the US should be the “most popular” addition for NA gamers. Pfft.

    A user wrote a comment calling the release date as 2009, given CA’s history. I concur… unless they’re willing to go crazy on dev…

  • Krupo

    Release date Dec 31, 2008? Ha!

    Guaranteed 2009. :p