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Jeff Green Interview

June 27th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · Escapist, Media

Jeff Green has been covering games in the print media since Gutenberg, so it’s always great to read his opinion on the State of the Gaming Media. The Escapist has a new interview with the Editor in Chief of Games for Windows.

He doesn’t say a lot that others haven’t, but it has the imprimatur of authority coming from a veteran writer struggling to find a way to keep his magazine vital.

On the print side: Get over yourselves. It’s over. Your reign has ended. Adapt to the 21st century now, or go away forever. You can have a great monthly product that people will be happy to read on buses, planes, couches and restrooms everywhere. But you will be a dinosaur in the tar pits if you don’t adjust your editorial to reflect the fact that, 90 percent or more of the time now, you can’t possibly print something “new” that hasn’t appeared online already. So get creative. Use real writers. Show some depth and give people something beyond the old-school previews/reviews mediocrity mill. This can be a liberating time if you just take the chance.

Preach it, brother.


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  • JonathanStrange

    I would continue to read paper & ink gaming magazines if their contents were more nutritious: essays, opinions, in-depth gameplay mechanics comments. I love and I suspect I’m not alone (well, ok, there’s at least one other guy in Des Moines) after-action reports that explore and discuss gameplay mechanics or offer historical info so that we can learn stuff without realizing it.