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Loose the fateful lightning

April 12th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · AGEOD, Civil War

Ageod’s American Civil War is finished and ready for purchase at the AGEeOD website.

Given the hours of pleasure I derived from Birth of America, the best wargame of 2006, I’m happy to see that the game is keeping the same board game look. I have a few half-finished essays on the importance of map styles in strategy and wargames, and the AGEOD titles have a style that really speaks to me.

But this isn’t a wargame like BoA. This is a strategy game with political decisions, army upkeep and some economic management. Though everything will be centered on winning the war, it not just about supply lines and avoiding attrition like the first AGEOD game.

Expect a report from the field in the near future.


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  • Dave Long

    I’m so used to seeing people confuse the word loose with lose that at first I thought you did the same thing.

    Good Lord that particular spelling/grammar mistake drives me up the wall, and yet it’s more and more common every day.

    Just thought I’d throw that in here… >_>

  • Troy

    Considering how many typos I do make, I wouldn’t be shocked if I screwed this one up. But considering it’s one of my pet vocab peeves, too, I’m on pretty solid ground.

  • Michael A.

    Looking forward to your report on this one…