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March Strategy Preview

March 5th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Preview

This will be my last post before I start packing and do all that other stupid stuff to prepare for my flight. I had some hassles pop-up over my arrangements, so if I look a little pissed off tomorrow, you can guess why.

March is shaping up to be the month of “Weren’t you on an earlier list?” titles.

March 6Great Invasions (Strategy First/Nobilis)

March 13Sparta: Ancient Wars (Eidos/Playlogic), Making History: Calm and the Storm (Strategy First/Muzzy Lane)

March 16UFO: Extraterrestrials (TriSynergy/Chaos Concept)

March 20Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade (Dreamcatcher)

March 23Frontline: Fields of Thunder (Paradox/N-Games)

March 26Command and Conquer 3 (EA Games)

Pacific Storm: Allies (Lesta/Buka) has also been scheduled as a first quarter release, but so far no firm date. The latest GFW podcast said that I shouldn’t mention how we get yet another trio of WW2 games. Apparently that’s not original enough.

This list, as much as any, shows the problems with release dates. Ancient Wars and Great Invasions have been in earlier monthly round-ups, and I’m pretty sure that Making History has been here before, too.

And Making History is the title I’m most interested in. It started out as a Serious Game project, a strategy title for educational purposes. You would play as a leader of a great power in World War II and try to achieve certain historical goals. Somehow this would teach you something about the period and help you retain knowledge through fun.

But now Strategy First is publishing it, and they aren’t exactly known for serious anything. Few of the recent previews have mentioned Muzzy Lane’s original design purpose, and it looks like it will be marketed as a grand strategy title like Hearts of Iron or World at War. When I get around to giving the game a whirl, I wonder if there’ll be a story here. Maybe time for another interview.

I played Great Invasions when it first came out two years ago, and have zero desire to try it again. This is just SF padding its release calendar. I’ve played a little Ancient Wars: Sparta but will have to hold my commentary for a while.

Command and Conquer 3 is, of course, the big title of the month and the second biggest title of the strategy winter (Supreme Commander was much more anticipated.) C&C is not my bag, but FMV is apparently back. I’m one of those who skips through videos all the time, so I don’t know if I care that they aren’t terrible.

Hopefully I will get a chance to post a hello from the Bay tomorrow afternoon.


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