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Opening Day

March 1st, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Baseball

I just got my tickets for opening day at RFK.

Spring is here.

Which means it’s time to load up Pure Sim Baseball 2007 and get to work on that all-decade team league. Pure Sim has the best player/team import tool. Too bad it doesn’t quite recognize all those 19th century player portraits.


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  • hoo

    Got my ticket to see Patterson on the mall as well. Good times, good times!

    Pretty excited to see what the squad looks like. I’m hoping that a) Kearns and Lopez look like solid players b) 1 starter out of the herd becomes a keeper. c) a second starter becomes a mediocre 5th day starter.

    Boswell had a fantastic article saying the Nats are playing Moneyball with their starting pitchers. B/c the law of averages say the Nat merry-go-round would produce better numbers than were posted last year.

    And of course eager to see the Zim thrive in his 2nd year.

  • hoo

    Zimm: 3 RBIS and a mammoth Dinger against Dodgers today.

    Sounds like the ugly game you expect from 1st day of spring. Except for Zimm’s hitting.

  • Eumel

    Well, judging from the previews, OOTP2007 could also be excellent again. They made the step of inviting vocal critics of the half-baked 2006 game into the beta team. To be released this month… I am slightly optimistic, after getting burned in 2006.