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Blogging Immortality

August 19th, 2006 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Game Daily’s Media Guy takes a shot at recommending how game bloggers can become “immortal”. In other words, how do you get people interested in what you have to offer? The anonymous author offers a lot of little bits of advice.

There is, of course, no reason to do all of them. For each suggestion I can think of good blogs that don’t do it. The suggestion to Digg and Slashdot yourself is more than a little cheesy. Lots of friends have told me I should market Portico/Flash of Steel better, but I would never think to submit my own stuff to these large places. Strategy games aren’t quite niche, but I have a specific interest in a specific type of game so that’s what I mostly write about. (MMO blogs are also pretty specific, but have a much larger range of issues to deal with, I think.)

I am relying, mostly, on the good will of my regular readers and the blogging community. Bruce Geryk and Tacticular Cancer have been good enough to regular link to my content, and sometimes even offer good insights into it. My favorite News Blog of the moment, Game, Set, Watch has linked to Portico a couple of times. I was an early participant in the Carnival of Gamers but have slacked off a bit. I hope to participate in the Round Table more regularly in the future.

I have not been disappointed in my traffic numbers, as low as they are, because this site is as much for me as it is for my readers. It gives me a chance to hone my skills and get my opinions on record.

There will be one major change in the upcoming months. Regular and predictable features will make their appearance on the Monday of every week.

First Monday: This Month in Strategy Games – This will be a simple preview list of what we have to look forward to in the month ahead. Comments on trends and surprises will accompany the list.

Second Monday: Developer Interview – My interviews with independent strategy game developers have been very popular with readers and I will endeavor to make this a monthly feature. There is, at this point, no plan to include larger development houses because these guys get lots of coverage from the gaming media.

Third Monday: Gamer’s Bookshelf – For a little insight into the mystery that is Troy Goodfellow, I will offer reflections on books I own that affect how I approach gaming, strategy or life in general. This will range from pure gaming books to favorite histories to some odd stuff lingering on my shelf.

Fourth Monday: Guest Blog – I have a lot of readers who have a lot of opinions and some friends who I think should put their opinions to screen. The fourth Monday of every month will give a guest a chance to reach new minds or maybe just be nice to me and offer a new voice to Flash of Steel. Guest bloggers can, if they wish, take up one of the feature themes.

Fifth Monday: Strategy Canon – This happens three or four times a year – not often – so it is probably best that this rare event recognize something huge and important. Like honoring huge and important games. I’ll try to not have it be the same old stuff.

So, Monday 21 August 2006 will see the introductory Gamer’s Bookshelf. This may not get me blogging immortality, but it will give me a schedule to plan around.


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