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Portico ends, Flash of Steel begins

August 16th, 2006 by Troy Goodfellow · 7 Comments · Uncategorized

A new era has opened in my efforts at self-promotion and punditry. Welcome to the new home of the rambling opinions of Troy Goodfellow (that’s me).

What new stuff is in store for the new home? Striving to make this place both more professional and more welcoming, I will be having three or four regular monthly features. The beginning of each week will have a scheduled post, including guest blogging once a month (assuming I can get enough people interested in helping out).

Please be patient while the site finds its footing.

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  • Jim9137

    I feel unwelcomed.

  • Bruce

    Congrats on getting this thing finally moved.

  • Justin Fletcher

    Unless you plan to unlock the power of human energy, I’m not sure this counts as a new era. Still, glad to see you in your new home.

  • Michael A.

    Congrats on moving. Some job you have ahead of you getting things categorized.

  • Troy

    “I’m not sure this counts as a new era.”

    Like a mayfly, I count each day as a new era – changing URLs doubly so.

    “Some job you have ahead of you getting things categorized.”

    Tell me about it. I figure I can do a couple of months a day until it’s all sorted out.

  • thk123

    Umm, call me a idiot but I can’t find the XML to suscribe to. Also, if you want to feature my blog then you can, but I some what doubt it.

  • Troy

    The RSS feed is listed at the bottom of the page. Would that work?