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Another brief update

July 26th, 2006 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Uncategorized

The friend handling a lot of the domain transition stuff is going through a rough time, so the big move will have to wait until after I deal with some family stuff of my own. So, early August – a full month after I’d intended to complete the move.

I’ve been holding back on posting here because I want to save a lot of content for the relaunch, plus I am planning semi-regular features for the new blog and I need to get some outlines squared away for that.

One thought – who at 2k Games thought it would a great idea to launch two games aimed at similar audiences on the same day? Both Civ IV Warlords and CivCity: Rome hit store shelves yesterday and I think that the city builder will get the short end of a lot of sticks because of the piles of awards that Civ IV won. After the uninspiring Glory of the Roman Empire, I would love to have a good city-builder, and both Yahoo Games and IGN seem to like CivCity well enough. The Gamespy review is more worrying; in spite of the good score, the text raises some interesting issues.

When I get back, I promise to have full reports and reviews. And a new look before the school year starts.


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