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Sex and the single (or married) gamer

May 2nd, 2006 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

My occasional indie contribution to Computer Games Magazine continues in this month’s June issue. My Alt.Games column covers Space Station Sim, Disaffected and Game Biz.

The issue’s main feature covers sex in the computer gaming industry and I highly recommend. Though certainly a titillating subject, the two part story itself by Damon Brown and Lara Crigger (neither of whose work I am familiar with) is a nice sequel to an earlier CGM feature on retro-gaming.

It also comes at a coincidental moment in gaming journalism. This month’s Computer Gaming World covers the same issue but different ground as does this week’s Escapist. Why the sudden obsession with sex? Given the lead times required for getting this sort of stuff edited and published, something may have been going through the rarified editorial air. But features take a while to put together (one reason I am sort of holding off till the summer to assemble a feature) plus The Escapist makes its issue themes available to the public months ahead. So it’s not like a single issue made editors jump up and say that early May is the best month for this sort of thing.

In any case, this is an issue that will continue to pop up for as long as mature people play games. Sex is really a non-issue in strategy games – Cleopatra Spears notwithstanding.


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  • Darius Kazemi

    It was about a year ago that the IGDA Sex SIG really got underway, with help from the massive publicity Hot Coffee was getting at the same time.

    Plus there’s an upcoming Sex in Games Conference. It’s just been the fastest-growing issue in video games in the last 12 months, so actually every month there are a few publications with lead stories on this topic.

  • Troy Goodfellow

    Yeah, sex is a perennial theme in the developer and enthusiast press. I just find it funny that the three mags I read most regularly all hit the same theme at the same time.


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