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My Lux review

October 10th, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

After a few months of interrupted life, DIY Games is back in business with my review of Lux.

The review really says it all. Part of my reluctant thumbs up is because Lux is a flashy Risk clone and not much more. The price is decent, but for 25 bucks I want a little more than the old Parker Brothers classic with an editor. The fact that AI is unable to even play the game well shortens its life even more.

So why 3 stars instead of 2? Well, it is the best Risk clone out there. The multiplayer game brings back those Saturday afternoons you would play Risk with your friends and brothers – at least before you discovered video games. Or girls.

Mostly video games.


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  • Dustin

    It’s the developer of Lux here. Your points are all well taken. Although I would like to add a few replies:

    It’s true that the AIs do not stand up very well against experienced Risk players. However, they provide a challenging opposition to players who are not well experienced with the game. Also, there are 2 AIs (Nefarious and BotOfDoom) available in the plugin manager that are more challenging. I think they work together against humans when multiple of them are present.

    I do not agree with your statement “It has very little strategy, a lot of luck”. In the online games there are some players who can consistently win, and some players who consistently lose. This is because of the strategies they employ, not luck. Of course, luxk is part of the game, but there is lots of strategy needed also.

    The online community was mentioned in your review, but not in depth. This month happens to be the second annual Luxtoberfest contest and celebration, including team-play tournaments, Twitch Lux, Memory Lux and the yearly awards. This event is in addition to the regular rankings and awards. For a lot of players Lux has a huge staying power.

    Anyways, I am glad of all reviews that appear, so thank you.


  • Troy Goodfellow

    The review was written a long time ago – months ago, before the implosion of DIY. I should give more credit to the Lux MP community in my blog post because it has shown legs that I wasn’t sure about. Now that I look to see what’s out, I can’t fail to be impressed with the following that Lux has.

    It doesn’t change my general opinion of the game – a good Risk clone, but not an amazing title.

    But my opinion should nothing to diminish the great pride you should have in the community you have created. It’s really something.