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Blogging Roundtable

August 18th, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Corvus over at Man Bytes Blog is hosting a gaming blog roundtable on innovation in first person shooters. I was invited to participate, but my knowledge of shooters is severely handicapped by the fact that I suck at them.

Lots of great contributions though, and some interesting ideas on innovation in general. There’s a drop down menu that links to all the other contributions, so read away.

I think the roundtable is a great idea. The Carnival of Gamers is great, but a little wide ranging. I love participating in it, but the posts are a “greatest hits of the last month” type thing and there is rarely any dialogue between them. The roundtable has bloggers addressing the same issue, and are often inspired by the same games or concepts.

Thanks to Corvus for hosting this, and I promise to write something next time.


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  • Corvus

    Thanks for the mention! I’ll see if I can come up with a theme for next month that hits a little closer to where you live.

  • Troy Goodfellow

    Don’t worry about me. If I have something to add, I’ll add it. If I wasn’t so busy trying to get my life together, I could have thrown something together. Looking at how interesting all the other posts, are, I’m glad I didn’t. I’d have looked like an ass.

    Well, a bigger ass than I usually do.