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Pimping a friend’s blog

August 16th, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

My blog links on the left sidebar are for gaming related blogs, since that’s the community that this blog is a part of. But a gaming related friend of mine has started a blog that is not about games, so I thought I would devote a post to it.

Sarinee Achavanuntakul is best known as the proprietor of the online game archive Home of the Underdogs. She is also a killer Literati player and I consider her a good friend, though we’ve only met in person once. She is dedicated to her “abandonware” ideals, and tries her best to recognize active copyrights, to the point of removing all downloads for games that were published by members of the Entertainment Software Association.

She is now a blogger. Her site is the usual blogging mix of opinion and personal revelation. And some of it is in Thai.

So if you are remotely interested in the person behind one of the Internet’s most popular guilty pleasure website, go to Fringer. (She has the good manners to link to my blog (under one of my Internet pseudonyms), but this will have to do for now. At least until the template changes.


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  • Jim9137

    I have too many things to do. I can’t do them all AAARGH

    I mean. Sure, go ahead. Em. Yeah. :)

    (I also happen to know her, and she shanghaied me to do few reviews for her after my blog went public. Now she’s giving me all these roguelikes to review, a genre I had no idea about before. :)