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Children of the Nile a museum piece

July 14th, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Uncategorized

On the Children of the Nile main page, Tilted Mill has announced that the city-builder will be included in the traveling Tut exhibit, Tutankhamen and The Golden Age of the Pharaohs.

This is great news for what was one of my favorite games from last year. I’m surprised that this announcement from Myelin Media hasn’t gotten more coverage, since it appeals to the whole “Games As Serious Stuff” thing that so many gaming pundits and journalists say they want. The Myelin deal with MTV over a poker game was deemed more newsworthy by IGN or Gamespot than the inclusion of a game in the most anticipated museum event since the first Tut exhibit.

How will the game be integrated into the museum display? That remains to be seen. (Any of you in LA able to help with this?) Most museum displays are little more than piles of stuff laid out on pedestals or behind glass, so a screen running Children of the Nile should blend in fine as just another artifact.

I hope that they do more with it than just have it running in the background and give this game the attention it deserves. A good friend complained that the lack of cartoony stuff (like Zeus had) made him less interested in the drab and “serious” looking Children of the Nile, and, as I noted in my review, you have to cast off a lot of your ideas about what a city-builder is all about. If you haven’t played it yet, Children of the Nile is available very cheaply from a number of online distributors and is more than worth whatever price you pay.


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