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Tin Soldiers rides away…with my heart

May 13th, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

My most recent editorial for DIYGames was partly about how the confusion between realistic graphics and good graphics gets in the way of appreciating how a distinctive, if stylized, look can add a lot to a game. I cited Outpost Kaloki and Darwinia as good examples, and Dominions II as a cautionary tale.

Now a word or two on Koios Works’ Tin Soldiers games. They have released two ancients war games in the last six months – Alexander and Julius Caesar. Both are, in many ways, your typical wargames. They are turn based, they emphasize maneuver and flanking and are aimed at a niche audience.

They are also very attractive because they have decided to make this game as close to miniature wargaming as possible. The units are drawn like painted miniatures and a giant hand descends from the heavens to pick up the eliminated stands. Even the ground looks like it is made of plastic matting and styrofoam.

The entire effect is very convincing. It does a lot to make an average wargame and above average wargame. My review of Alexander sets out my main objections, some of which were addressed in Julius Caesar and some that were not. (More on that if and when my review gets published.) Both could use an editor and the chance to paint your own units, but I have no critical complaints against either.

The Tin Soldiers games are an exciting opening move from a new developer. Both are available through Matrix Games, and at a decent price too. If you have any interest in these types of games, check them out.


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    hi mista goodfellow
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