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Imperial Glory preview

March 20th, 2005 by Troy Goodfellow · No Comments · Uncategorized

IGN has a hands-on preview of Imperial Glory on their site written by Tom McNamara. Be sure to check out the videos.

The most exciting thing in this preview is the intimation that diplomacy will actually matter- that allies will help you out and that the game won’t degenerate into the player versus the world (though that’s what happened with Napoleon, of course.) Diplomacy has always been pointless in the Total War series, from the continual Hobbesian state of nature in Shogun to the easily broken alliances in Rome. So a Total War-like game – which Imperial Glory undoubtedly is – that makes it possible to survive thanks to your friends is something to applaud.

None of the videos show any large scale action for any length of time, but be sure to look at the battle scenes. The destructive power of artillery is obvious and the naval warfare certainly looks like as much fun as the ship duels in Pirates!.

Imperial Glory is at the top of my list for spring strategy titles, and is the one game that might make the summer worthwhile. With the glut of great games released last fall and winter, 2005 seems to have gotten off to a slow start. Age of Empires III is a long way off, and the wait for Legion Arena is more low key.

Imperial Glory will be hitting the shelves in the last week of April, just a little after my birthday.


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