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UPDATE: Fall Meetup in Toronto

September 20th, 2011 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Me

EDIT: Lack of interest and my own schedule means we’ll have to postpone this to later in the year. If someone has some space, we can do a proper board game afternoon.

While Rob and Julian scramble to have a Boston meeting that doesn’t involve the two of them joining with Chris Remo and Ken Levine in a plot to undermine my glorious figurehead position, the time has come for a seasonal gathering in my old/new hometown of Toronto. The last turnout was small but energetic, so I’ll have more lead time now.

If I had a house, I’d suggest board games and beer, but trust me – my apartment isn’t that big.

So on Saturday, September 24th, I would love to meet as many South Ontario, Great Lakes people as I can. I’ll see how many peers I can drag into this mess, but my site traffic suggests a solid community here, which means we can all play Starcraft 2 together and conquer South Korea.

Location to be determined. All invited. More information as I get it. Please post in the comments if you’re interested.


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  • Noah Patterson

    Being one of those Southern Ontario/Great Lakes region readers, that sounds like a good time but unfortunately unemployment-level finances don’t allow for travel nor outings.

    Hope it goes well!

  • Ben

    Am definitely interested in attending, although the 24th is not a particularly great date for me.

  • Strangeblades

    Dang. Sept. 24? I’m booked to meet up with Gamers with Jobs folks on Oct. 17. Not enough vac-kay time for this meetup. Good to know you are still pursuing meet ups mind you. :)

  • Jon Shafer

    As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m up for a board game day in November. Assuming my car is able to make it through the 8-foot drifts. ;)