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No Reboot Without Relocation

February 20th, 2011 by Troy Goodfellow · 14 Comments · Me

As of today, I live in Toronto. Again. The city I love more than any other, and one full of happy memories.

It was obvious to a lot of people that as awesome as 2010 was professionally, personally it was a bit of a mess. I prefer to keep the details private, not because they are embarrassing, but because they are pedestrian, mundane and not really anyone’s business anyway. But now I have a new job, a fresh start and a return to the country that I missed more the longer I was away.

Some debts will never be repaid, and I want to thank the good friend who not only gave me a second home for the last three months, but drove with me from Maryland to Canada and helped me schlep too many boxes for too long. When he blogs about hockey games, you should pay attention. He was there when I felt alone and took me in when I needed it. He and his wife are two very good people.

This transition has been very difficult, and many good friends have been there through meltdowns, melancholy and now the thrill of starting again in a small apartment in The Annex. I hope to get my internet properly activated soon and the blogging will resume in earnest.

I own nothing but books and computer stuff. Send food. Podcast and blog meetup in the spring.


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  • Colin

    Good luck with the new start in Toronto Troy. I’ve been up there a few times myself, really fun city.

  • Scott

    That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Godspeed, Troy.

  • ian

    Glad you landed on your feet Troy. Best of luck. Thanks for the excellent podcast and blog.

  • Mike

    Welcome back to Canada, Troy. We missed you. :)

  • Cubit

    Troy is in a better place now…especially with regards to healthcare. :)

    You’ll be in my thoughts as you begin many new new adventures!

  • Krupo

    Welcome back to the city. Aside from Ford being ostensibly in charge, things are going rather well I’d say.

    On a completely loosely related note, for internet, I can vouch for Montreal-based Youmano as being a surprisingly good DSL provider – have you been following the CRTC unlimited bandwidth saga prior to now? Definitely got the speed paid for while downloading some new items from Steam this week!

  • Davemonkey

    Best of luck Troy with everything. Welcome back to the Commonwealth. Enjoy coloured money and the oddity of having the Queen of England as your titular head of state.

  • Sarkus

    Continued luck Troy. Though you might want to update the site in at least one regard . . . ;-)

  • Peter S (Mind Elemental)

    Wish you all the very best, Troy.

  • Wes


    Long time lurker and Toronto resident here.

    I know you’re into boardgames, so I thought I would drop a few links that will help you get (re-)established here.

    Snakes and Lattes. As far as I know, the only boardgame cafe in existence. Has been surprisngly busy every time I’ve been there, more students than grognards. It’s in the Annex, too.


    TABS – Toronto Area Boardgaming Society. They host quarterly conventions which are very impressive. Usually around 100 people at each and all for $5.00


    In any case, welcome back to our fair city and I hope things improve for you.


  • Joe

    I’m glad I made it to one dc meet up before they were discontinued. Have fun in Toronto. I’m probably moving out of here too, but I think I’m headed for warmer weather.

  • Lituanus


    Been a loyal listener for near a year, but not much of a blogger…(you founded a great podcast that I love listening to)…but I just wanted to wish you the best with all the changes. Seems like it’s going in the right direction. Good for you! See ya!

  • Rez

    Welcome back, Troy! And best of luck with the fresh start!

  • Prof. Loewy-Brueller

    All the best, Troy! I’m sure it’s easier to enjoy life in Canada. If you ever get shot, you’ll know: those bullets weren’t bought at your local Wal-Mart, so it probably was personal. And what’s worse than being killed by someone who didn’t even hold a grudge against you? Ehm, yeah, all the best! Good luck on all future endeavors.