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Cap in Hand

October 1st, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 19 Comments · Me

I’ve debated doing this for over a year, but the cost of living, cost of blogging and costs of staying up to date on everything in my line of work have pushed me to add a Donate button to the right sidebar.

I don’t do this lightly. I blog for myself, primarily, and – as I’ve said – I would probably podcast now for an audience a quarter the size of what we are getting now. But times are tough, travel costs are growing and I have always counted on the kindness of strangers.

So why donate? Part of it is so I can help cover costs of podcast people. Buying new games to talk about is expensive and review copies are not always available, so every now and then I’d like to help people out with that. It’s also nice to get a little thank you for what little I do here, but really this is about me wanting to keep blogging and podcasting which means finding stuff to write about. Yes, advertising should be covering the server costs, but I am still waiting on a check from one of my advertising partners. (It rhymes with Boogle.)

The blog is still free and I have no intention of making the podcast a subscriber thing. The button is in no way an indication that I feel like I am entitled to anything. Give as much or as little or as nothing as you wish.


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  • Jorune

    Gave what little I could, but good for you Troy. The podcast is easily my favorite not only due to the subject matter being my favorite genre, but for the handpicked personalities on the show. I love Julian’s knowledge of board wargames, Tom’s knowledge of computer strategy games and both you and Rob’s historical military expertise.

    Yours is the only show where I actually feel like I’ve come away and learned something, not just been entertained. Keep it up chaps!


  • Troy

    No amount too small, Jorune. Thanks.

  • Mike Klaas

    TMA has been my favourite podcast since episode 1 so I’m happy to kick in a bit.

    The real question, though, is how much do I have to donate to get Bruce back on the show?

  • Ralph Trickey

    The real question is how much it would cost to get Tom to give up coffee with Sylvia.

  • Warren

    What Jorune said!

  • Paul

    Kicked in a little. Rock on with your bad self, Troy! ;)

  • Clay

    And again I’m reminded how much I dislike PayPal. Tried to change my address three times but no such luck. At least the donation went through! =)

  • James Fudge

    Donated. Keep up the great work. I get an education every time I listen to TMA. Don’t stop.

  • Punning Pundit

    If I held to the standard $1/hr of fun, I’d owe you somewhere around $100. Sadly, I don’t have that kind of ready cash.

    But your show is 100% worth it.

  • Jason Wilson

    Don’t look at it as a donation; view it instead as readers and listeners willing to pay for your work.

  • wildpokerman

    It’s sad that the games industry is so inundated with prospective reviewers that they won’t give out review copies consistently.

  • frags

    So when is the beta ending? :P Keep on doing what you do. This is ‘the greatest show on earth’.

  • zipdrive

    a nit off-topic: I’ve emailed you a couple of times but got no response. Is that because you’re so buys, because my emails fell prey to the gmail filter, or are you simply ignoring me?

  • Sigh


    The last option: he is ignoring you. He is busy diving into his money silo that the “Donate” button created…swimming in all that virtual currency.

    Just kidding, keep up the fine work here Troy you deserve a little compensation.

  • James Fudge


    He’s got stuff to do. He’s got bathrooms to clean.

  • Andrew Doull

    Call it a subscribe button and I’m in.

    (Having just spent $20 on a virtual hat, how can I not be).

  • Andrew Doull

    Having said that, my long running inability to use Paypal is going to stop me helping out…

  • Brian

    Troy, do me a favor and bring this up again post-holidays. Between GWJ and Child’s Play donations and the impending holidays, I’m tapped for the next 3 months.

    I imagine a lot of other people are as well.

  • Primemover

    I have purchased/not purchased and/or was made aware of many games that Troy and/or TMA discussed. I always felt like my money was well spent (or conserved) as a result. In my line of work (healthcare), people pay $20 co-pays to get similar information/recommendations. I am happy to donate to you Troy and your work.