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Jumping the Shark Podcast Appearance

June 7th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Gameshark, Podcast

I was a guest on this week’s Jumping the Shark, the official podcast of Gameshark.com, one the last places that will let me review things for money.

If you are familiar with podcasts, the JTS format should be obvious. They start talking about the games they are playing (I talked Hegemony and Din’s Curse) and then move on to a theme. This week it was the craft of writing a review.

It is a longer show than Three Moves Ahead, but one of my favorites because the personal chemistry is so good. (It does help that I know and like these people, but I have lots of friends whose shows I never bother with.) Jumping the Shark is very chatty and there is more general gaming stuff there than you’ll find on TMA.

But at least listen this week. I am told that I was not a bad guest.


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  • James Allen

    Enjoyed the podcast; thanks for highlighting something you are marginally involved with.

    I am also playing Din’s Curse for a future review (my Hegemony review already went up) and I like the randomly generated worlds and tons of loot, but I found the combat (especially if you only have a couple of spells) and quests (collect or kill) repetitive. Maybe it’s because I find most action RPGs repetitive, though.

  • Prof. Loewy-Brueller

    Thanks for giving us a heads up, Troy. Will listen. There’s an insistent demand for the characteristic you ascribe to Jumping the Shark, a good personal chemistry, but a falling supply. Three Moves Ahead and the GiantBombcast might be extremes in their scope, but they’re very similar here: they’re perfectly enjoyable and listenable.

    But please: stop spilling Coke, Troy.

  • Astromarine

    that was really fun, will go back to listen to more.