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Flash of Steel/Three Moves Ahead Washington DC Area Meetup?

April 23rd, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 14 Comments · Blogs, Me, Podcast

One of the great things about being addicted to stats and traffic is that I have a good idea where my blog visitors and podcast post commenters are from. And I know I have a local audience that I’ve done nothing for.

Not that meeting me is necessarily a good thing for everyone, but I would like to have a meetup for my audience, maybe put them in touch with each other, and so on. You, too, might find the board game group that you’ve been looking for.

Timing, of course, is difficult. May looks like a mess, June is E3 month, and July is hot and sticky.

But let’s get this discussion started. If I planned a FoS/TMA gathering for the Metro DC area, would anyone be interested? I’d probably do it somewhere in downtown DC – a brew pub maybe or place with a patio.

I’ll order more buttons.


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  • Thomas

    I’d be up for it.

  • Alan Au

    I might be up for arranging a Seattle FoS meetup in the fall (at PAX maybe?) if there’s interest.

  • Josh

    I’m game, though I always vote for avoiding downtown DC since it’s tourist season.

  • Wader

    I would definitely be in. Listening to this podcast has me playing a lot more strategy games than I was, and has started my boardgaming itch up again…

  • Stormwaltz

    I would sit quietly in the corner and listen carefully. :)

  • Nathan Hoobler

    I’d be interested. A brew pub sounds ideal, so long as we can find one that would be big enough for the crowd. Dreamo’s in Arlington used to be my Go-To spot for that, before they tore it down to turn it into a vacant lot.

    In may, they’re opening up a Beerhaus on H Street, so that might be an option. There’s also the other DC standbys (Brickskeller, for example)

  • Jared H.

    I can’t guarantee I’ll be much use in any discussions we have since my budget does not allow for many games but I’d be up for a DC meeting.

  • Skyrider

    Although I’m a west coaster, I fly for a living and visit the east coast almost every month. If you ever have a meet-up, and schedules allow it, would enjoy shaking your hand and buying you a drink in appreciation of your dedication to strategy gamers.

  • TristanC

    I’m in the area, I’d be up for it.
    Would prefer meeting in the MD side if it’s not downtown. Walking distance to a Metro stop yet w/o downtown crowds and heat would be tops.

  • Troy

    Metro accessible will be crucial, of course. Downtown Silver Spring is also an option. Don’t want to drive away the Virginia people, of course, which is why I chose downtown.

  • R simmon

    I’m in. (if the Caps are still playing in June, try to avoid a game night) How about Commonwealth in Columbia Heights (but I’m not sure if it would be quiet enough)?

  • drcorday

    If there’s nothing going on in Chinatown Fado and RFD (next door to Fado) are good choices.

  • Hoo

    Cap City Brewery by union station. Very metro accessible and easy for folks who take the Marcs from the hinterlands like Rockville or Baltimore.

  • Nightmare

    I’m in for anywhere in the area, depending on the day of the week.