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March 19th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 18 Comments · Blogs, Me

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this. First, the product quality may not be up to my readers’ discerning standards. Second, it feels like I’m grubbing for money when I already have ads on the site. Third, well, it may be a little tacky in the end so we’ll see how long I do it. I have to pay for blog hosting plus podcast hosting, neither of which is a lot, but it would also let me buy more games promptly. For a while at least.

But, for now, there is a Flash of Steel store on Zazzle. There’s a link below the Amazon widget, too, and Design Tzar Jenn will kill me for putting it there, but we’ll see about moving it later. So far, just mugs/steins/cups what-have-you. I like Zazzle’s variety, and if there is interest or demand in other goods, I’ll think about those, too. I get a ten per cent commission on this stuff, so…yeah. Not making a mint here. But I bought a couple for myself and will probably buy more as prizes.

Maybe I’ll design a T-shirt with Gerykisms on the back.


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  • Gary Kearney

    Looks great, Troy. The only thing I have to sort out is which is the His and which is the Hers. Suggestions?

  • Troy

    Ladies dig swords.

  • Punning Pundit

    I think people who order mugs need to send in pics.

  • Mono

    TMA mug bought! Pics will be forthcoming, after cheap shipping runs its course.

  • Otagan

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting a Chick Parabola t-shirt.

  • Andrew S

    How about a mug with “I would like a coffee” in italics, or is that pushing it?

  • Jason

    I can see it now: a t-shirt with the Flash of Steel logo over the left breast and the slogan “Grognards do it with Nebelwerfers” emblazoned on the back. Or maybe just a mousepad with the “Guns, Germs, & Steel” cover on it. Kids love that shit.

  • Nick

    If you don’t want a mug with “Who would like some coffee?” on it, surely everyone will go for a T-shirt with “Hello gamers”?

  • Gary Kearney

    His and Hers.

  • Javier-de-Ass

    hehe. yeah, too bad there’s no ‘can I get you a coffee’ style line on there. the TMA logo picture is nice on its own anyway. got a stainless steel travel/commuter mug, don’t hate me

  • Jarmo

    How about offering a donation button? I actually don’t have any room left in my cupboard for new mugs but I’d be happy to help with the upkeep of the site, creating the Three Moves Ahead podcasts et al.

    You guys offer a valuable service and I believe there are some of us in your audience who would like to show their appreciation without necessarily shipping any atoms around. Direct support with as close as possible to 100% of the cut going to you would be efficient, ecofriendly and elegant.

    Does your listed email have a PayPal account attached? That’s really all that’s needed for some spontaneous sponsoring if you’re uncomfortable with creating a dedicated button for it.

  • Troy


    I’d considered a donation button or subscription thing (a la Rock Paper Shotgun) but I decided against it – for now. As for not having room for mugs/steins/travel mugs, there will be other merchandise available soon. Just have to decide what to make.

  • Warren

    Got myself a TMA mug. I’d like to see that Gerykism idea as a mug rather than a T-shirt. I don’t get a lot of chances to wear t-shirts.

  • Jonathan Shiau

    We NEED a “can I get you a coffee?” mug!

  • Javier-de-Ass

    :)) very good

  • Mono

    “Tom’s coffee quote cup now available in the store.”

    Gah, once again us early adopters pay the price!

  • Ian Bowes (spelk)

    I’m a proud owner of a dark centered FoS mug!


    Plus, I’m cultivating a “Civil War” beard!