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Defcon on the DS

April 20th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Indie Games

Gamespy is reporting that one of the great little games of the last few years is on its way to my mobile platform of choice.

No publisher yet, but I really hope Introversion can find one. Defcon would be the perfect airplane game.


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  • Cubit

    i would love to see this on the iphone as well.

  • Justin Fletcher

    I’m both excited and perplexed by the news. For all the talk of networking schemes, handheld platforms are still dominated by single player gaming. DEFCON has serviceable AI, but it is clearly intended for multiplayer matches.

    Will Introversion build on a more robust single player experience for the DS, or are they banking on friend codes and hotspots?

  • Sean

    “Defcon would be the perfect airplane game.”

    Yeah I’d love to play this on my next business trip.

    Passenger: What are you playing?
    Me: I am practicing my global thermonuclear warfare skills!
    Passenger: Someone get the sky marshal!