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Demigod Review Copy

April 9th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 10 Comments · Gas Powered Games, RTS, Stardock

Though a day zero patch has been promised, my review version of Demigod has arrived. I also got the little Rook (not Minotaur) miniature. I have no idea what I will do with it. I guess it goes on the shelf with the bust I got with EU:Rome and battleship model that came with Pacific Storm: Allies.

By the way, Tom Chick was wrong. There is no story based campaign about the rise of the Demigods.


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  • LintMan

    So Demigods has no campaign at all? The single player content is only some sort of skirmish mode? Wow that’s disappointing, if that’s the case.

  • Tim McDonald

    Glad you’re having less trouble getting review code for this than I am. I suspect I’m just going to end up buying the damn thing.

  • George

    why should Tom Chick know? He only delivers the coffee, right?

    btw: love your podcast and your site!

  • Scott R. Krol

    Wait a sec, you got a miniature and in the past you’ve gotten a bust and a model with your review copies? Weren’t you complaining the other day about not getting any swag? Or was that just because none of the swag you get can be used as a weapon?

  • Troy

    Well, the Roman bust came with the Collector’s Edition, which I bought. Similarly, all Demigod CEs will come with the miniature, so this isn’t really swag.

    The battleship, though…I think CDV only sent those to special people.

  • James Allen

    As a third-tier game reviewer, I think my copy is coming via Impulse on or the day before the release date next Tuesday. Either that, or someone is going to get a sternly-worded e-mail.

    As for swag, I have the little Darwinian that came with my preview copy of Multiwinia. About the only other trinkets I can remember were a dog tag for some World War II game, something for EU, and a couple of player’s guides for Enemy Territory Quake Wars and Call of Duty 4.

  • Tom Chick

    Aw, that was mean, calling me out for an off-hand comment. I’m pretty sure I said I *thought* they were going to be doing some sort of single-player story based campaign. Obviously, Chris Taylor was talking about the tournament stuff as if it was supposed to tell the story of how the demigods rise to power. But since it was before Gas Powered had disclosed specifics about single-player, he was talking in veiled terms and I took the liberty of trying to interpret what he was saying.

    Anyway, yeah, I was wrong. The single-player is a tournament mode where you progress through different maps played as different challenges.

  • Tom Chick

    By the way, while I’m here, anyone need a coffee?

  • Aha

    _Veiled Terms_

    TC: What do you think of a single player campaign?
    CT: Our initials are reversed!
    TC: Readin’ ya loud and clear, good fellow.
    TSG: What?

  • Chris

    The tournament is like Tekkens Story Mode, only with a boring ending.