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Do These Mix?

January 1st, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 5 Comments · Cryptic Comet, Design

It’s more like a strategy board game. I like to say a mix of Diplomacy, Dune, A Game of Thrones and Ticket To Ride

Vic Davis on what Solium Infernum will be like.


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  • Thomas Kiley

    Have faith?

    I for one am definitely getting this game. I think (hope) what he means by that is it takes elements from diplomacy, dune… rather than take all their key elements and chuck it in to one game.

  • Vic Davis

    It’s like mixing fire and ice and getting lukewarm water. :)

    Seriously, Thomas is right in that I mean I was influenced by key mechanics of each and the game really doesn’t play like any single one of my PR listed examples.

    For example, the game doesn’t have a neat back room negotiations phase and the intensity of betrayal (and fulcrum swings) that Diplomacy has but your units do give each other support if they are next to each other on the board like in Diplomacy and you can secretly back stab other players that you seem to be cooperating with in public….through actions where the identity of the player who instigates them is hidden.

    The resource system lets you keep X cards of Y offered and you can also draw X secret objective cards as an action and keep Y so it’s a little like ticket to ride. It also has a passing resemblance in that you can try and just do your own thing and hope the other players will leave you alone to accumulate Prestige Points. It’s possible but unlikely. You would still need to present a porcupine type defense and you would get chipped away at.

  • Michael A.

    Looking forward to it, Vic.

    I’m not a big fan of the boardgame on a PC style of gaming, but Armageddon Empires pulled it off with a flair that leaves me very hopeful for SI. Here’s hoping you even more success in the new year. :-)

  • Eduardo Gabrieloff

    I don’t think Armageddon Empires would be viable as a real boardgame, and that’s what I love most about it.

    Vic, will this one have multiplayer?

  • Vic Davis

    I agree you definitely couldn’t do a direct translation. But I did want it to feel a bit like a board game.

    SI has multiplayer…both Play By E Mail and Hotseat. But not LAN. I just can’t pull that off at this stage with my programming skills. I have my hands full with all the other stuff.