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Civilization Revolution Preview

March 15th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 1 Comment · Firaxis, Preview

The previews for the upcoming console version of Civilization are trickling in, available at all the usual places. I’ll link you to Alec Meer’s over at Eurogamer because, first, it’s the usual high quality of writing you get at that place, and, second, it answers some important questions about what’s the same and what’s different from the latest PC version of Civ.

The punchline?

If you’re a long-term Civ player thinking this all sounds like a terrible sacrifice, you’re not thinking bigger-picture, about how that crafts a faster game full of frequent thrills and new toys, not one that requires 40 turns and half an hour before you can make a bloke ride a horse. It’s one much more suited to a couple of hours of sofa play than simply porting Civ 4’s hunched-over, marathon sessions to a social circumstance they just weren’t made for. This is, after all, an alternative to, not a replacement for, Civ 4.


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  • thk123

    He talks about the dropping out and then AI taking over the position automatically. That already happens in Civ 4. Apart from that, I really enjoyed that preview. I do still think it is a shame it was dropped, sorry indefinitely paused, for the Wii because, despite what he says, navigating with a joystick sounds like a drag. None the less, I still want this game and I am looking forward to see how many of my friends who can’t be bothered with Civ become addicted!
    They say Civ is like a drug, well they say that like soft drugs are the doorway to hard drugs, do you reckon this applies for Civ Rev?