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Me and My Big Mouth

January 28th, 2008 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · Blogs, Me, RTS

Nothing like stirring the pot to get a little attention. My recent counterpost to Dr. Nathan Toronto’s article on The Future of the RTS has (with my consent) been reprinted on Gamasutra. I hope the conversation will continue, though I should probably have added a paragraph or two about the potential for Sins of a Solar Empire to break the RTS/4x conventions wide open. Nice to be called “an RTS expert”, which is not really the case since I’m not very good at them.

The same post has also been linked on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, leading to yesterday being one of my highest traffic days ever. And that was a Sunday. Nothing like a bunch of British guys with a great blog to remind me what a B-lister I am.


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  • James Allen

    Sins looks awesome, especially with all of the improvements made since the last public beta. I am really looking forward to reviewing it next week.

  • Andrew

    Not B-list, but a niche blog catering to an exclusive elite.

  • Dave Long

    I’m like a D-Lister, so you’ve got one up on someone. :)

  • Krupo

    B-lister? Bah! Like what Andrew said above, you’re l33t in the best possible sense of the word. ;)

    Besides, look at it this way: you introduced ME to RPS, when they were just getting started.

    They owe some of their readership to you! :)

  • Alan Au

    I would say you’re more like A-list second string, which is to say, top tier without the hassles of internet stardom.

  • tatertot18

    Since I’m reading your blog you are definately an A-lister.