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Budgetary Decisions

October 24th, 2007 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Me

I’m faced with the Kingdoms expansion to Medieval 2, Opposing Fronts for Company of Heroes and Asian Dynasties for Age of Empires III on the strategy front. Then I have Mask of the Betrayer and Witcher on the RPG side. What is a man to do? Limited money to spend so how should I spend it?

Like an idiot of course and drop sixty bucks on War and Imperialism in Republican Rome: 327-70 B.C. by William Harris and Arthur Eckstein’s Senate and General. Books instead of games. Goes to show where my priorities are.

At least I can make the excuse of knowing Dr. Eckstein. And there’s a remote chance of review copies of one or two of those games showing up. But maybe I chose the wrong hobby to turn into a job.


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  • Scott R. Krol

    Truly your priorities are misplaced. I mean c’mon, buying stuffy historical books instead of a game in which you collect trading cards for all the chicks you nail? What type of gamer are you? :)

  • Michael A.

    The Harris book is a gem; a fascinating study of Roman imperialism and like Gruen, he challenges some of the entrenched beliefs on the Roman empire/republic in a very credible way. Eckstein’s book I haven’t read – sounds interesting though.

  • Troy

    Eckstein’s most recent book (Mediterranean Anarchy) is in large part a response to Harris, as well as an attempt to bring theories of international relations into ancient history. I figure it’s time to go back to the horse’s mouth.