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September CGM is out

August 8th, 2006 by Troy Goodfellow · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

It’s a big issue for a big month. School starts again (but not for me, it seems) and the console section is very thin. So there is a lot to read in the issue that interests me.

My own contributions are minimal. I have a preview of Dominions 3, a review of Hearts of Iron: Doomsday (with an embarrassing typo in the final paragraph) and my Alt.Games column covers Flatspace, Crusaders in Space and New Star Soccer. OK, maybe not minimal.

The big preview is the cover story on Sid Meier’s Railroads by Tom Chick. I had the good fortune to see Tom at work when he did this story and the resulting article and interview demonstrates why he is in such high demand as a writer. I’ll admit to not being fully sold on the idea of yet another railroad business sim, but the game looks good and, in my brief experience with it, it seems to have that Firaxis polish.

Lara Crigger continues her solid work on social issues and gaming with an article on religious expression and games. Naturally, there is a lot on the upcoming Left Behind game, probably my most highly anticipated game of the fall because so much can go wrong with it. I also look forward to the tortured phrasings of my colleagues if the game part actually seems to work well.

On the transition front, there have been some inexplicable stalls on the other end, demonstrating why friends should be careful working with friends. I may just go for some other hosting option, since I have a logo and everything now.

Expect more frequent updates until I can get everything sorted out.


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  • rea

    Enjoyed the Dom III preview. I’ve ordered the game already strictly on the recs of so many folks at Q23 and Geryk. Don’t have Dom 2 (although I have already played the demo a few times). Seems like a great game but the interface and help book is a bit confusing as is.

    Somehow, I doubt that it will actually be a summer release.

    Looking forward to the new content.

  • Troy Goodfellow

    I you haven’t played Dom 2, I am not understating the impenetrability of much of it. It is a deep, deep game that dares you to study. Amazing on a billion different levels, but not for dilettantes.

    I do hope that Bruce’s Dom 3 manual is a darn site better than the one for Dom 2.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve played the free download several times. So I have a decent understanding of the game for the first 40 times at least. And trying to figure out what works with what for example. Did my best with the Jotun giants.

    I don’t have time to play a bunch of different games so that’s why I’m just goign to try to focus on Dom III.

    Did you ever play the Tiller/Talonsoft Civil War games? I know you liked Take command but seems a little more entertainment and not quite as detailed as the Tiller. Judging strictly from your review.

  • Troy Goodfellow

    I have played some of the Tiller games and they are good. Well researched, well paced, not too hard to get into. They are much better MP than SP, but are nothing to complain about.

    But don’t mistake the Take Command games for Total War clones, because they aren’t. The TC series is a serious real time wargame that, on many levels, forces you to accept that a large battle depends on more than you just killing the guys in front of you. You need to take positions promptly or the enemy will wreack havoc on formations that may not be your own. You need to rest and recover, and maybe pray that the batallion to your left can hold out for just a few more minutes.