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Flash of Steel is a blog that focuses on strategy and wargames – issues of design, marketing, media, but mostly what I think when I bother to put two thoughts together. Occasionally I’ll move out of that area for a post or two, but if someone asks you what Flash of Steel is, say it is a blog about strategy games. Two or three posts a year about something else won’t change that.

From 2000 to 2011, I wrote about games for a number of websites, both for money and on a volunteer basis, focusing on the strategy and wargame worlds. There’s really too much to list. A portfolio of my stuff is linked up top. I update it irregularly, and it only includes stuff I was paid for.

2009 saw the launch of Three Moves Ahead, a podcast about strategy and wargames. It remains the best thing I’ve ever done professionally. In 2012, Three Moves Ahead joined the Idle Thumbs Podcast Network.

I currently work in videogame PR rep for Evolve PR. My tasks change regularly, and I am learning a lot of new things. Any post that references a game that Evolve represents will link to a disclaimer that reminds all of you that people are paying me to help sell things. I am professionally constrained in what I can and cannot say.

Though I will occasionally have guest contributors, 99% of the content on the site is authored by me alone. I’m not responsible for how the blog looks.

The main banner up top and the logo for our official podcast, Three Moves Ahead, were designed by Jennifer Sparks. The WordPress theme is Cutline modified and customized by Jenn Cutter. You can follow my Twitter feed if you like, though it’s not very interesting.

Why “flash of steel”? The phrase itself comes from Sikh Guru Gobind Singh who writes:

When all efforts to restore peace
Prove useless and no words avail
Lawful is the flash of steel then
And right it is the sword to hail.

A reasonable philosophy I think. And since most strategy and war games assume that words will be to little avail (or have already proven useless), the steel flashes quite a bit, be it the steel of a sword or a bayonet or a grenade launcher.

All original material on this site is the property of and copyrighted to Troy S. Goodfellow. All guest contributors retain copyright and ownership of their posts.