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Three Moves Ahead Episode 162 – Guess Who’s Coming to Podcast?

March 31st, 2012 by Rob Zacny · 14 Comments · Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


Idle Thumbs visits Three Moves Ahead to start discussing plans. As Sean Vanaman mandates a Far Cry 2 episode quota, Troy and Rob begin to realize they have made a deal with a Kickstarter devil. Still, there is more that unites the podcasts the divide them. The panel discusses what their respective podcasts are really about, and what they hope to achieve with a podcast network. Idle Thumbs discusses the surprising cost of running a successful Kickstarter.

Honestly, this is more a conversation between new partners than a proper episode. There is a lot of thinking out-loud about our intentions, rather than a cohesive topic. It’s kind of what you might expect from this group of people. Don’t worry, though, regular programming resumes next week.

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Toronto Meetup Information
Email questions about the Idle Thumbs partnership to troy.goodfellow@gmail.com or zacnyr [at] gmail


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  • Soren Johnson

    I, for one, welcome our new Idle Thumbs overlords!

  • Strangeblades

    Is this where we drop off the bucket loads of Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ? I got 50,000 pallets of the Squeeeeeeeee! and man it’s sure loud in the back of my truck.

  • Fixxxer

    Idle Thumbs best-of for those who have never heard the show before:

  • laler

    See ? It already began, shitty-ization of TMA.

    “Idle Thumbs best-of for those who have never heard the show before:”

    Unfortunately, i have.

  • Rob Zacny

    Laler, if the only thing that changes as a part of partnering with Idle Thumbs is that we lose you as a listener, we will have profited more than enough for my happiness. If I never have to read another of your insipid, witless comments again (and believe me, nobody else is going to after this post), I will take that much more joy in being part of 3MA and its otherwise outstanding community.

    But before I send you packing to the rest of your undoubtedly misanthropic and pitiable existence, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: when you go out of your way to denigrate something that a ton of insightful, intelligent people enjoy, that says way more about you than it does about the object if your disdain. You’re not some brilliant intellect who can perceive the mediocrity that no one else can. You’re a prejudiced fool who mistakes self-satisfaction for genuine merit and superiority. The only reason anyone even acknowledges you is because your are both offensive AND mundane.

    I’m sorry you can’t understand why Idle Thumbs is great. I’m sorry you can’t appreciate their insight and intelligence, as well as their great humor. But most of all I’m sorry that you can’t express affection for something you profess to enjoy, 3MA, without being hateful and rude. But I rejoice that you are a vanishingly small minority among our listenership. And since we can moderate comments here and at Idle Thumbs, you’re going to be more vanishing than ever.

    Thanks for listening. Remember to donate in October.

  • Julian Murdoch


    A Rant Well Delivered Sir.

  • Rob C

    Rob Z, remind me not to taunt you because in comparison to your retort my words would sound like, “Urggg me no like show. You guests grrrr no fun.”

    In any case, I usually do enjoy your show and can appreciate the effort regardless of whether a particular episode resonates with me. Best of luck with your new partnership. Anyone who bothered to listen to this episode will know that you still have full control over your content.

  • kjchiu

    So when are Rob/Troy/Jenn going to start the Idle Thumbs F1 podcast ;)

  • Owen Macindoe

    I’m excited about the possibility of Rob and Chris doing an episode revisiting Starcraft 2 now that it’s been out for quite a while and is much better understood as a strategy game.

    One thing that’s particularly interesting about SC2 for me is that it’s a strategy game that has had an unusual amount of time and thought sunk into it by the player base in comparison to the average game release. In particular it’s had enough time now to go through several metagame shifts, where strategies seemed overpowered, but then were discovered to have holes, and this is true in pretty much every matchup.

    Contrast this with the situation in Wargame: European Escalation at the moment, where the community is up in arms about the strength of rush-based strategies and the power of artillery. These are strategies that are relatively easy to execute relative to their counters, so the game feels unbalanced. However, the number 1 player in the world at the moment doesn’t play that way and still dominates, which suggests that he understands the metagame much better than people in the community clamoring for change.

    It’s interesting to think that if everyone were at his level of play, the game may in fact be perfectly balanced, but because the raw number of player-hours required for the metagame to shake out hasn’t been put in, it’s totally unobvious whether there really is a problem or not. In the case of SC2 however, there are enough players to really map the game out in a way that very few games can match.

    Anyway, I vote for more SC2! And eSports! And I’m up for some 2v2 any time.

  • Troy Goodfellow

    Though, of course, Ms. Cutter is welcome to come on the show at any time and I would gladly share a mic, camera or stage with her in most any circumstance, I fear I am still too much of an F1 newb to contribute meaningfully to a proper podcast. (That does not mean I think the idea in general is a bad one.)

    And – to all commenters – we are fine with disagreement and have had arguments in the comments of posts about blogs or podcasts. But this is also an audience that is generally respectful and courteous. You don’t have to like Idle Thumbs, you don’t have to like us joining them (though they will have no control and will not be appearing as regulars) and you don’t even have to like Age of Mythology. But at least comport yourself like you belong in this civilized corner of the internet. I am quite proud of it.

  • Manresa

    I think you’re underestimating the number of 3MA memes. In addition to the Chick parabola, you have “Can I get anyone a coffee?” (yes, please), Bruce’s creepy “Hello gamers,” “historical accuracy,” Rob’s public radio delivery, the appearance of Soren Johnson as a summer intern, and Rabbit’s smelly hippy games (which you have to share with GWJ). To counter Far Cry 2 and Pikmin 3MA has Imperialism 2, Alpha Centauri, Rise of Nations, and Civ 4. More than a match for Idle Thumbs.

  • Nightwish

    Pikmin also has a remake on the Wii with pointer controls.

  • Skyrider68

    May your show enjoy continued success and growth.

  • Procyon Lotor

    I think there should be a new feature where Rob takes down trolls in the comments. I think this should occur after every podcast. Because that was awesome.