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Three Moves Ahead Episode 157 – Not Quite Back in Action

February 24th, 2012 by Rob Zacny · 4 Comments · Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


Darius Kazemi and GameSpy Editor-in-Chief Dan Stapleton return to 3MA to discuss Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Darius wants to know where the role-playing went, while Dan got heartily sick of the pause-and-go system in larger battles. Rob is going to murder whoever came up with the inventory system. All in all, they had an okay time.

Listen here.

Dan’s Jagged Alliance: Back in Action review

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  • Fumarole

    A great podcast, thanks for sharing. While I agree with many of the frustrations expressed by the Rob and the guys, I find myself enjoying the game immensely and thinking about it all the time that I am not playing. Something about shooting the queen’s men on Arulco just keeps drawing me back.

  • Jim G

    There was one tiny thing in the original– JA 2 that some folks may have forgotten: If you cobble together a LAMEBOY, some copper wire, batteries and an X-RAY TUBE , then you get a small portable radar that works exactly like the radar map in the lower-left corner of the JA:BiA game. in JA:BiA they just effectively give you that gizmo , built in to the game to start with.

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  • Kordor

    @Jim G
    While you are right, you need to consider two very important things:
    1. It was actually an efford to build this thing
    2. It was highly unlikely that you would ever discover it. While it might be known now, JA2 released in times where the internet was just in the beginning and it was unlikely that you stumble over information like that, or even look up JA2 in the internet at all.

    So while you are right, I am pretty sure that, if the guys from JA2 would make a modern version of JA2, they would remove this Easteregg as it’s GameBreaking and not an easteregg anymore if everyone talking about the game is pointing towards that thing.