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Three Moves Ahead Episode 145 – Q&A with R&T

December 3rd, 2011 by Troy Goodfellow · 6 Comments · Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


When you’re too busy for a real topic, it’s good to have listeners that are ready with questions. Rob and Troy take some time to answer your queries. Games we hate, the definition of RTS, whether Paradox has a subgenre monopoly and much more.

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  • Andreas

    About the most strategic RTS game ( my question), sorry about me being a bit unclear. I was wondering about the classic RTS base building game. Since I find most (classic) RTS not being that strategic I was looking for something to try. Rise of Nations it is then! How is Rise of Legends?

  • tareq

    Troy, plz plz write a guide into how to get into a paradox game. I know it’s a lot of work but u are one of the few who has the experince and the skill to write something comprehinsive like that. I’ve been playing RTS games since C&C and dune games , but I was never able to get into a paradox game. I have played eveything from RUSE, sins of solar empire, Civ games, company of heros, total war games etc… I even played and loved less polished RTS games from eastern europe like the men of war games but I still fail to understand and enjoy EU or hearts of iron games.

  • Gormongous

    Thanks for reading my comment on Shogun 2 and Creative Assembly, guys. It was great to hear an analysis of the series and its mandate from people who aren’t still starstruck over the spectacle of massed combat ten years in.

  • Andreas

    You mentioned that we wouldn’t see any more modern Total War games. Wouldn’t the American Civil War : Total War work?

  • MikeO

    I know they seem like filler to you guys, but I love the Q&A shows. Good job.

  • Gormongous

    Andreas, Empire: Total War has a functioning Civil War mod called The Blue & the Gray. It works fairly well as is, but the team seems plagued by desertions and technical issues.

    I think the main problem with Total War games set in the eighteenth century onward is that gunpowder combat isn’t particularly interesting in Creative Assembly’s model. It made for a great endgame superweapon in Medieval, but its lethality has to be toned way down to keep modern-era battles from being ludicrous slaughters. The Civil War, with its large frontiers and undifferentiated sides, would be a particular strain for current gameplay systems.

    Better to go east, to explore the Three Kingdoms period in China or something from the ancient Middle East. Have you tried the Rise of Persia Mod for Rome, Troy? Every time you mention Bronze Age stuff it comes to mind.