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Three Moves Ahead Episode 139 – One for the Memoirs

October 20th, 2011 by Rob Zacny · 10 Comments · Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


A well-rested Bruce rounds out a full panel of Rob, Troy, and Julian as they discuss Memoir ’44 Online, convenience, and the simple pleasures of light board gaming. It’s a straightforward episode with the regulars at the top of their game.

Federation & Empire

Star Fleet Battles

Command and Colors System

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  • Rindis

    Dangit. I’ve been very determinedly listening through the entire podcast in order, and I’m only a few months behind now.

    But, you just linked Star Fleet Battles and Federation and Empire. I’ll be back in an hour or so. :P

  • Rindis

    Four copies of Red Barricades?! HORDER!!

    Well, it was brief, but always good to hear a bit of love for F&E.

    The good news is that there is a Vassal module for it, which like with ASL is probably as good an on-line solution as there’s going to be (it’d be easier than writing all all purpose AI for ASL, but still a heck of a job with all the moving parts).

    In fact, I was poking at the next version of the module while listening to the podcast….

    Current Vassal module

    Federation & Empire blog (Well, it’s all the games, but F&E is the regular subject.)

  • Mike K.

    Well that was unexpected. I’ve never agreed with Bruce so much in my life! My first Memoir experience was with the board game and I had almost written it off because of the time investment of setting it up. I’m at least as clumsy as Bruce it sounds like. We almost changed the dice mechanic so that any dice that knocked a soldier down counted as a kill.

    I love the online version though. I’d like it even more if I could turn off select animations to speed things up even more. I’m not yet out of my free ingots, but I could easily see myself ponying up for a new batch. I’m becoming such a huge fan of these online board game conversions. They may not replace a face-to-face game experience, but I’m only going to get a handful of those a year. I can boot up, play, and finish a game of Memoir online in the time it would take just to call a buddy and organize a face-to-face event.

  • Adam D

    The story about the guy setting up a bigger scale version of the game at the convention reminded me so much of what I feel when playing Warhammer (Fantasy or 40K).

  • Tom Chick

    Wow, Bruce Geryk on fire! Great show, guys.

  • Thymen

    Hej guys ,

    Great episode as usual I just wanted to point out that there is a pc version of war of the ring. The UI isn’t the best in the world but if you can work with brettspielwelt and vassel you will be fine. It can be found at warofthering.eu

    Take care.

  • Ruskov

    Great show.
    I would like to hear you guys what you think of Hearts of Iron the card game.

  • quasiChaos

    A great show indeed! I just happen to be looking into giving Memoir ’44 a play and was hoping you guys might mention it in a show at some point. Little did I know it would be a whole show devoted to it! Keep up the great work. Really enjoyed the Grognardian banter about a not-so-Grognardian game. Great cast as well!

    I wasn’t sure how I felt about the pricing structure. When it first came out on the Days of Wonder site, I was a bit put off by the model. You guys made some simple points regarding the cost that really made sense. I jumped on and played a few games and really love it and would be willing to sink some money into it. Excellent implementation of a great game!

  • MikeO

    Agree with Bruce, generally. I think Ticket to Ride is a pretty bad game, yet when I played it via the Java applet online, it was enjoyable. I would have to say, the setting up and maintenance of boardgames is the real hassle, which is a big reason people flooded to computer wargames when they started to become viable in the late ’80s/ early ’90s. (well, that and the fact that most people played board wargames solitaire to begin with, and the computer not only alleviated the maintenance/ setup workload, but also provided an opponent) I might even enjoy M44 online, so I should try it. I have the boardgame, just have never played it, since it is so simplistic.

    I kicked in money for the donation drive, I have just one request — I’d love to see the hinted at F1 racing sim podcast! I have recently been doing some racing in other games, and I’d really like to hear you guys discuss F1.

  • Rob Zacny

    You have no idea how glad I am to hear someone say that.