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Three Moves Ahead Episode 134 – The Alpha Centauri Show

September 15th, 2011 by Rob Zacny · 53 Comments · Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


Zynga’s Brian Reynolds makes Planetfall on Three Moves Ahead and, along with Soren, Troy, and Rob, founds a discussion of Alpha Centauri. He explains what went wrong with the “Civ in space” idea, and the role of the game’s fiction. He and Soren talk about how Alpha Centauri changed the Civilization series, and take a look at some of its strange features, like the design workshop and climate change. Brian reveals he used the cast album of Les Miserables for inspiration as he wrote for the game, and Troy immediately proposes marriage.

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  • Anthony P

    Very interesting episode. I had never really heard about AC’s design. I just have a comment on the game itself.

    The one thing that’s bothered me with the game after I got it from Good Old Games and started a game as Zakharov is how persistent the other leaders are in contacting you when you are conquering their cities.

    The Spartans ended up with a huge empire they took from Lal and Miriam which I have been carving up with a ton of copters and a smattering of other units. I already have read Santiago’s threats and offers about 100 times. Now I get contacted twice, maybe three times a turn by Santiago, and every time I reject the communication because we’ve already said everything.

    She’s told me she won’t let my research projects continue any longer about 200 times.

    The air units in AC remind me a lot of the bombers in Civ 2, they have the same amazing power that has gone away in the newer Civ’s.

  • Quinten

    Finally got a chance to listen to an episode again. Is Brian Reynolds Bruce wearing a mask? Seriously, he sounds like Bruce on meth.

    Great game and show.