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Saturday Meet Up Report

February 6th, 2011 by Troy Goodfellow · 14 Comments · Three Moves Ahead

I would like to thank everyone who came out yesterday – Joe, Jon, Ryan, Rob, Kat, Jared, Josh, Bruce and Lori. It was a great time with good conversation. Josh managed to get some pictures, and thereby not end up in any of them.


You know the meetup is a success when Bruce gives Jon Shafer a lecture on how he is making games all wrong.


Next time I am in another city for any length of time, I will try to set up a meet up for anyone there. Our audience is everywhere, and though you don’t need us to get together, I love meeting listeners and readers.

Now to get those Massachusetts layabouts to do something.


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  • Prof. Loewy-Brueller

    More photos please!

  • SomeDude

    Darn, wish I could’ve been there. Love the pictures (esp the 2nd).

  • Ilya Belyy

    Verily, your audience is everywhere – you’d be welcome to come here, to Siberia :-)

  • Tony k

    You should do one of these in SF

  • Troy

    If I am ever in SF for more than two nights this year (which has been the usual pattern), I absolutely will. Also on the 2011 agenda, LA, Boston, Toronto, NY…

  • Scott R. Krol

    Boston, Toronto, NY…so when are ya heading south?

  • Skyrider

    If you do have a get together in the SF Bay area, and I’m not off flying somewhere, I would like to attend and say hi.

  • Erez

    Man, I wish I was in any way able to be there. Bruce Geryk was the sole reason I started listening to the podcast and discovered FoS.com

  • Quintmorrison

    Did anyone record Bruce’s rant? Those are always good to hear, especially if it was directed at Shafer.
    Oh, and try to get to Florida sometime, it’s nice down here in the sunshine.

  • Jared H.

    The entire meet-up was fun, but hearing the conversations Bruce and Jon had was the zenith of the whole day.

  • Prime Mover

    Those of us in MA are ready for the annual Troy Goodfellow visit…just name the place!

  • iji miitic

    is bruce geryk the guy who created “panzer attack”?

  • Brian Owens

    No Chicago???

  • Troy

    I haven’t been to Chicago in years. But if I can find a reason, absolutely.