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Three Moves Ahead Episode 102 – Online Board Gaming

February 2nd, 2011 by Rob Zacny · 11 Comments · Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


Game Table Online’s Robert Eng joins Bruce, Julian, and Rob for a discussion about online board gaming. They talk about different business models, what goes into a successful conversion, and what these services mean for the board gaming hobby.

Game Table Online

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11 Comments so far ↓

  • Jon Gad

    Am I the only one only getting a 133byte file with nothing on it?

    I admit, it could just be me. Its happened before.

  • Rob Zacny

    No, something is screwed up for me as well. Not sure what. Hoping it’s a Libsyn hiccup.

  • MFToast

    I’m getting an error as well.

  • Jon Gad

    Seems to be working now. 50.1MB looks to be much better.

  • MFToast

    Nice, guys. That’s why Megamek kicks ass. Record keeping is a bitch.

  • Prof. Loewy-Brueller

    And here we go: board games. This is how Troy fell: a Zacnyan Horse. Just kidding.

  • Scott R. Krol

    Haven’t listened yet but I already know my feelings going in. Online board gaming is an abomination, a crime against nature.

  • Josh Hall

    Part of the joy of board gaming is definitely the social aspect of it. But damn if there isn’t something to be said for not having to keep up with all the nonsense of record keeping and setup.

  • Jay Adan

    I’m a huge fan of the Command and Colors series of games and I enjoy playing them in person but I just love the ability to jump in and play a handful of games of Battle Cry in an hour without having to worry about setup. The AI is good enough to be enjoyable as well. It’s my favorite game on GTO.

  • Rob Zacny

    My problem with Command and Colors is that I always feel like I am playing the exact same game with different wind0w-dressing. Maybe I’m missing something. Playing Battle Cry feels exactly the same as playing Memoir. They’re fine games, but I think the system breeds generic titles.

  • Paul

    There’s something to be said when a person (me) doesn’t board game much, but still finds the podcast to be highly entertaining and informative.

    And Bruce and Julian were on the same page for almost the entire show. Never saw that coming. ;)