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Three Moves Ahead Episode 76: Modding Strategy Games

August 3rd, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 10 Comments · Modding, Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


Troy, Julian and Rob are joined by Maxis Games’ Soren Johnson and Fall From Heaven 2 lead Derek Paxton in a chat about modding. How do you assemble a mod team? What are the trade offs for developers and publishers in supporting mods? Scope and ambition and talent poaching and creativity.

Also news on our upcoming question and answer show and the TMA/FoS meetup.

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Fall From Heaven 2
Strategy Station
Meet Up Discussion


10 Comments so far ↓

  • Richard

    Wooo! You pulled the Tom Chick bait and switch!

  • Christopher

    Heh, I was right.

  • frags

    Clarification on Sorens question on Fallout 3 retail version, you can get access to the DLC’s on GFWlive. Fallout 3 is a GFWlive game and you cant register your copy on Steam if you bought it at retail.

  • BryanP.

    Great podcast guys! Very interesting discussion..

  • HomiSite

    An interessting episode, also because of the two sides (Soren, Derek). A few very interessting problems of the future (DLC vs Mods) were mentioned at the end. And Julian seems a bit impatient this time, interrupting others some times (did Derek manage to ask his real Magic question at all?) :-P.

  • Gunner

    Awesome episode guys. Thanks for going to the effort to get Soren and Derek on, Troy.

    Civfanatics was my first internet home away from home, so Civ mods will always have a close place in my heart. Always good to hear the actual voices behind the internet personalities you’ve been familiar with for so long.

  • Paul

    Great episode. Honestly, Troy, I feel like you shouldn’t worry about the length of the podcasts and let things continue on as long as the conversation allows for. Then again the ‘cast with Ken Levine might never have ended. ;)

  • Troy

    Glad you are so patient, Paul.

    I find the hour generally good, but sometimes I may let it go longer. (I expect our Civ 5 show to be over and hour.) I find that an hour is about as long as most people can comfortably listen in one sitting, and I don’t want to be one of those shows that strings things out. I think the hour makes us panelists more disciplined, too.

    But I’ll consider letting a show go longer some time soon.

  • Jorune

    I just can’t believe that Julian actually posed the idea that wouldn’t it be easier if Derek created Fall from Heaven 2 from scratch, new engine and all. I mean, its not the engine that makes the game, its what you do with it. That’s why so many 1st person shooters license an engine and don’t seem similar. Just look at The Witcher, a game based off the Aurora (2?) engine, the one created for the Neverwinter Nights series. They don’t seem like the same game at all.

    Either what he meant didn’t come across correctly…or…

    Otherwise, great podcast.