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The Three Moves Ahead PAX Brunch Group Shot

April 5th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 8 Comments · PAX, Three Moves Ahead

TMA Brunch

Thanks everyone for coming. Julian and Rob are third and fourth on the left from the bottom. I’m third from the bottom on the right with the ladies, Meghan and Tiffany. If you see yourself on the photo, let me know and I can tag you for the Facebook shot.


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  • Joseph Crook

    Awesome pic! Troy you look a bit weary I must say. I’m sure there was much to do and see, and not enough time to do and see it all. I plan on making it to next years show, as I live about 7-8 hours drive from boston, so maybe I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you then. I must be honest and tell you I’m a bit envious because I had to miss out due to immediate personal issues. We never had something like this before on the east coast and I missed the first show. Ah well, there’s always next year. So anyways, I’m gonna stop crying in my cereal now, and bid you farewell ladies and gents. Cheers.
    P.S. “You will explode in minutes!”

  • Jason Innes

    I’m the one in the back left corner, sitting next to Rob Z. Thanks again for putting the brunch on — great conversations!

  • Troy

    True Jason. It could be something not feature locked at the moment. It is still in Alpha.

  • Dirk Knemyer

    Back right, bearded and caught with my eyes closed. Sigh.

  • Dirk Knemeyer

    Back right, bearded and caught with my eyes closed. And a typo in my own last name (in the previous post). Oy vey.

  • Gary Kearney

    Hmm. Troy, has anyone ever commented on your resemblance to a young Tom Clancy?

  • Troy

    Good God, no.