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PAX East 2010: The Arrival

March 26th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · PAX

You know how when you get ready to meet people you think you know for the first time and you begin to wonder if there’s going to be any real connection? Yesterday was like that. And, like many of life’s worries, it was a pointless concern.

Yesterday was the day I arrived in Boston for PAX East and it was mostly a day about getting oriented, fixing problems caused by my poor packing skills and meeting friends and colleagues I only knew online – ex-CGM colleague Tiffany Martin, Gameshark writer Meghan Watt, my very dear friend Jenn Cutter and Three Moves Ahead panelist Rob Zacny. The five of us went to a very reasonably priced steakhouse and had the type of conversation that only five nerds could really appreciate – the type of conversation that we will be swimming in for the next few days.

God help us.

Today is raining and nasty, but I will also get to meet Julian Murdoch at a party later tonight, so it will be worth sticking around. I also have appointments with a couple of developers and will be serving as Jenn’s escort/cameraman while she does the stuff she does so well. Lots of other friends and colleagues to meet, too.

If you are here and see me walking along the show floor, please say hello.


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