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Three Moves Ahead Episode 54: Introversion

March 4th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 7 Comments · Indie Games, Podcast, Three Moves Ahead


Troy, Julian and Rob wax rhapsodical about the glories of indie strategy game developer Introversion. What makes Darwinia a “different” RTS? Is Defcon the best multiplayer game ever made? And can you make a game about terrorism?

Listen to the end and learn how you can win a prize. Seriously. I have one for you.

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  • Otagan

    I hadn’t realized what dire straits Introversion had been in. Kind of depressing to hear a group with so much talent having such serious issues. I do hope they finish up Subversion, since I’d buy that the day of release, just like I did with DEFCON.

    Also, if I didn’t already have a copy of King Arthur, I would enter the drawing, but I’m not about to take a key away from someone else.

  • Rorschach

    I’m a little disappointed Tom couldn’t be on the panel to defend Multiwinia. There’s a bit more depth to the game, from the very basic of the multiple gametypes (most of which are not “rush the center”) to the complex of defensive formations and Armor/APC runs.

    There’s no real resource management, but it is all about area control. The powerups are your most manageable resource and can be game changing used at the right time and place.

    Oh, and the skirmish AI works just fine so don’t worry about the lack of other people to play against (although I’d be happy to school anyone on X360). ((Okay maybe not school, Tom did beat me 3/4 matches last time we played.))


  • Ginger Yellow

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that so few of you had played Uplink – understandably it was a bigger deal in the UK than in the US and it was still something of a niche title here, though many Introversion fans insist it’s their best game. As for Multiwinia, I’m always a bit surprised by the negative response it gets. It’s not too dissimilar to DoTA, after all. And it’s one of the best bite sized multiplayer strategy games around, if you ask me. I still prefer Darwinia, but that’s because I’m more of a single-player RTS kind of guy, Company of Heroes aside.

  • Punning Pundit

    From the title of the episode, I thought it would be about why Strategy gamers are introverted. Glad I was wrong…

    One of the things I would have liked to hear more about, in both games, was how the games actually play. I there there were only a few sentences devoted to this, but I’m left wanting a bit more. By contrast, I’ve got a good grasp on how people feel while playing these games, which is rather nifty.

  • Philip L

    Uplink is certainly their best game – took me ages to actually find a copy of it in a shop though. It’s a shame to see them focus so much on darwinia to be honest, especially since they said early on they’d never expand on uplink as they wanted to keep all their release original (used often when people asked for Uplink 2).

  • Nikolaj

    I agree that Uplink is their best game, and I’d love to see a sequel, or even an expension pack.

    Also, I’m glad to see that 3 Moves Ahead continues to give indie developers the attention that they deserve. I guess that’s pretty much a necessity, when focusing on strategy games, but it’s still applaudable.

  • brad

    I’ve now reinstalled Defcon, but am faced with the problem I had with it originally. No one to play with.