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2009 Traffic Sources

January 4th, 2010 by Troy Goodfellow · 5 Comments · Blogs

Because Alan Au asked in comments for the previous post, here are the traffic sources for this site in the last year.

Google is, of course, the top source and usually people looking specifically for FoS or TMA. Also lots of hits from people looking to see what happened to Home of the Underdogs or, interestingly, for churches or religious specific clothing for their Sims.

Top 20 referring sites – not including search engines, Twitter or Facebook – were – in order:

1. Quarter To Three Forum (The only source on the list with more than 5k referrals at 10,019.)
2. Rock, Paper, Shotgun
3. Jeff Green’s Blog
4. Designer Notes (Soren Johnson’s Blog)
5. Matrix Games
6. Tacticular Cancer
7. Paradox Studios Forum
8. Wargamer.com
9. Shrapnel Games Forum
10. Cryptic Comet (Vic Davis’s site)
11. Gamers With Jobs
12. Wikipedia (mostly via Tom Chick’s bio there)
13. Fidgit (Tom Chick’s blog)
14. Crispy Gamer (mostly via my profile there)
15. Civ Fanatics Forum
16. Octopus Overlords Forum
17. Daily Imperialist (Imperialism fan site on Gamespy)
18. NeoGAF Forum
19. Slitherine Studios
20. Something Awful Forum


5 Comments so far ↓

  • Alan Au

    It’s great that people are actually now searching specifically for FoS and TMA.

  • Tim McDonald

    Man, don’t you ever get people coming here from Google due to either insane keyword jumbles or a search for extraordinarily niche porn?

  • Troy

    Yes. Many. But not as many as I used to.

  • Warren

    My first thought in seeing that list was “That’s almost my bookmark bar!”.

    My second was “I am so going to make the ones that aren’t already there (my daily visit bookmark) part of each day”


  • Ginger Yellow

    I’m pretty sure I found out about TMA, and hence FoS, from Rock, Paper, Shotgun.