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November 10th, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 3 Comments · Electronic Arts, Industry

Via Shack News:

“We definitely have had some people say this is something EA shouldn’t be doing or, you know, we’re desecrating the original poem. I just don’t agree,” Dante’s Inferno creative director Jonathan Knight explains over footage of giant tentacles spilling forth from damned vulvas in a new developer diary. “We’ve taken it pretty seriously.”

Because the great poet was all about the damned vulvas.

Who would have thought Dante’s name would be a brand seven hundred years after writing The Divine Comedy? Because the only reason to stick his name on it is to legitimate what is clearly the fevered imagination of people who missed the point of The Inferno. Hint: It’s not an action movie.

Not that I worry much about creative adaptations – that’s what people do and sometimes they add some new perspective and insight to the original work. I don’t think that’s what will happen here but Dante’s epic will live on long after people have forgotten this hilarious appropriation of his work.


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  • Rob Zacny

    Thank God, they found a way to work a tentacle monster into the game.

    This is just such a weird project all around. I don’t even get how anyone could extrapolate a videogame from “Inferno”. I just hope that the third game of the trilogy is some kind of “Bad Dudes” style beat-em-up where you and Jesus have to go save God.

    You know what you actually could make a game out of, though? “Paradise Lost”.

  • Troy

    Next week’s Solium Infernum is partly inspired by Paradise Lost, but is clearly not trying to tell that story or address its themes.

  • Erik Hanson

    Solium Infernum, eh? How does it stack up against Blade Runner?