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Diplomacy – With Hats

September 23rd, 2009 by Troy Goodfellow · 11 Comments · Board Games

This is great.

Via Darius Kazemi‘s Twitter.


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  • spelk

    Now thats what you need to do with TMA’s Dominions game! :)

  • spelk

    …with the associated pointy ears and monkey masks!

  • Scott

    Where did the cool 3D pieces go? My copy of Dip, long gone, had wood pieces. Or did it?

  • Otis

    My friend had one with 3D metal pieces. We barely ever played though because it was impossible to get the people together.

  • Troy

    I’m quite sure the cardboard chits are new. Certainly cheaper to produce.

    Diplomacy is one of those games that requires a lot of friends who don’t mind being stabbed by people they trusted and a lot of time. Six hours – the video maker’s allotted time – is much too short for a resolution unless a couple of veterans are playing with noobs.

  • Chris A

    The hats are a fantastic idea… if our group played with any sort of regularity at all, I’d be on a mission to collect the lot for the next session.

    There are a bunch of piece variations for different editions of the game (mine is the older plastic symbols version), check out the BGG gallery for a look:

  • Scott

    This video really makes me want to get into web Diplomacy! Even though I owned the game forever ago, I think I only played once or twice for all the reasons Troy pointed out.

  • spelk

    Perhaps we need to setup an FoS/TMA Web Diplomacy group and give it a go?

  • Alan Au

    The hats are great! I’m also remembering why I don’t play Diplomacy in person anymore.

  • Dirk

    Here’s a good site to play at; I got started earlier this year there and its pretty addictive. This is a game that is quite decisively best played by email:


  • skshrews

    A great turn-by-turn review of Diplomacy. This is what is missing from the game review circuit.

    AH’s “General” used to have great turn-by-turn game reviews. These were by far the most interesting articles the magazine offered. You can learn more about a game from one such article than 10 standard reviews.

    I would happily pay to see more such features.